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The 360 Parent provides coaching, consulting, training, and public speaking to parents, organizations and caregivers. Our clients include parents, leaders, schools, nanny agencies, community organizations, corporations, and government agencies who want to empower parents at home so they perform better in all areas of life.
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Parenting can be hard, especially in today's unpredictable and fast-pasted existence, generally with less family support, less time at home and unfamiliar parenting challenges.

The 360 Parent mission is to help parents lead their children in all stages of parenting; managing daily challenges while growing connection, courage, and resiliency in their families.


We offer our clients positive, individualized and research-based parenting approaches focused on respect, cooperation, and contribution. Our program participants get more cooperation from children, feel more confident and have stronger connections with family members. They know how to handle parenting challenges and solve new problems as they arise, with respect for themselves, other family members and an eye towards the future. 






"Enthusiastic, energetic, engaged, and empathetic. That’s Suzanne Ritter. Part educator, part coach, part actress—She is masterful yet kind and caring to her audience. She has total command of her material. She is a great speaker and a wonderful listener. We couldn’t ask for a better presenter than she is."

- Barbara G. Kline (President, White House Nannies)

"I have read lots of books and attended a variety of classes and lectures, but none were as compelling or practical as Suzanne’s support. Coaching with her has been one of the best investments I have made. Her excellent coaching, teaching and interpersonal skills fostered a class environment where people felt safe and shared very personal stories and/or challenges, which created another whole dimension of learning.


Suzanne is passionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable, and leaves you with a tool box of concrete strategies that work against the toughest and most stressful parenting challenges. Working with her has changed my whole outlook on how to deal with tough moments, and the tips I learned from her keep me sane during the times when I would otherwise be pulling my hair out. I will definitely be consulting with her in the future, as we pass through the new parenting hurdles that will inevitably arise!"

- Kristin


"Suzanne's wisdom helps my family communicate more effectively and turned sibling rivalry into sibling affection. Her warm and friendly manner were a comfort as I learned that our challenges were normal. I learned about my temperament, learned to respect it, and increased awareness about my children's triggers and developmental needs. With one-on-one coaching, she helped me implement key ideas into my daily parenting and understand why my kids behave the way they do. She helped me create real world solutions that fostered my child's growth. I also learned how to balance the needs of more than one child at a time. Suzanne helped ease our transition into becoming a multiple child household. Thanks to her help, we can meet our family goal of being a zero yelling household."

- Christine (from MD)

"I want to thank you very much for your incredible help; you are truly talented, compassionate and effective!  I feel our work and my progress accelerating. I am grateful that we have been so successful working together; we are indeed achieving truly valuable results for me personally and professionally."

- Joseph



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I created The 360 Parent to be a champion for parents through coaching and education, based on up-to-date, research-based, and strengths-based methods. Why? Because being a parent is tough stuff, but unlike other jobs or positions in life, we often don't seek support, training, or feedback on how we're doing! Why wouldn't we want to be our best for the people we love the most, with the added benefit of reducing stress and increasing performance in other areas of life - for everyone in the family?


It's true that when it comes to parenting, we ALL make mistakes! I don't believe in perfect parenting. However, I do strongly believe all parents benefit from accessible and supportive parenting education that extends beyond the infant/toddler phase to raising children who will be adults!


As the parent of three, I know how necessary and life-changing this kind of support can be. Raising a family in today’s world can be, at the very least, frustrating and challenging, and often, very difficult and discouraging. Although we love being parents, we can also feel isolated, overwhelmed, unappreciated, and defeated. I've experienced those feelings of hopelessness and discouragement as a parent, and it affected who I was in all aspects of my life.  

After attending parenting education courses and becoming a Certified Parent Educator with the Parent Encouragement Program in Kensington, Maryland, I learned more about why children act the way they do in families, learned real techniques for gaining more cooperation and meaningful connection, and more importantly, saw how my own parenting behaviors were getting in the way of harmony in our home. Everything began to make sense and I felt better in all aspects of my life. I learned to apply and these skills in various stages of parenting and still call upon them to help me, as my children grow and new challenges arise.


Since then, I’ve been trained as a professional ICF coach and have taught, coached, and presented to hundreds of parents and childcare givers seeking more cooperation at home and peace in life. I have a unique perspective shaped by my experiences as a volunteer counselor, an educator and an education researcher, with academic and hands on expereince in child behavior, human behavior, family systems theory, leadership and communication. 


Parents are leaders, and as a leader in any profession, parents need encouragement, feedback, updated knowledge, and new approaches in order create a positive and meaningful family life in the present and raise children who’ll become connected, courageous and resilient adults in the future.


Contact me for more information about how to empower yourself or others by learning to lead the people who matter most.


Suzanne Ritter (Owner, Coach, Certified PEP Parent Educator)




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